How often is good to have a massage for health

Do you love getting regular massages from a spa? If you do, it would be much more convenient for you to get your own massage chair and enjoy your massages right at home whenever you want to. A massage chair is a great alternative to a massage therapist since it uses the same massage techniques and will provide you with the same therapeutic benefits as a massage therapist with much more convenience. When you do finally get a best massage chair for your home, a question which might come to the minds of most users is how often you can get a massage? Since with a massage chair at your disposable, you can get as many massages and anytime you want to, it seems like a valid question. Is it healthy to get massaged that often? Or are there any health risks involved? Keep reading this article and you find everything you want to know.

To get maximum benefits out of your massage chair, use it for short intervals at a time. A typical massage session usually does not last more than 20 minutes which is sufficient to relieve the pain you are experiencing in your body or the stress or tension that you are feeling. A short massage is enough to relax your muscles and recharge you for your daily activities. Although massage is highly beneficial for you for many reasons, too much at a time can be dangerous. The people who use their massage chairs for hours in one go should be warned of the potential dangers which include aggravation of your pain and injuries and may even be stressful for your nervous system. However, this information should not scare you off from getting any massage at all. A lit bit at a time with breaks in between where you involve yourself in other activities is completely healthy and highly beneficial for your muscles, bones, heart, lungs and nervous system.

Similar to any healthy activity such as exercise, reading and cycling, massage should also be practiced in moderation. Under normal circumstances, which is to say that you are completely healthy, a 15 minute session of a good massage every 3 to 4 times a week is sufficient for you. It is completely sufficient to relax your body, relieve you of stress and get you charged for the rest of the days. While getting your massage, it is important to concentrate only on enjoying your massage and not make yourself involved in other activities like reading a book or watching tv. If you want a comfortable seat while you watch your favorite show or read a good book, you may sit on your massage chair but make sure that it is turned off and you are not getting massaged at this time.

In short you should keep your massage sessions short and save them for the end of a tiring day when you really need some relaxation. A good massage after a tiring day can feel like the best thing you need.

Top 4 Health Benefits for Consuming Cold Pressed Juicing

Whether you are a stay at home mom or have an office job or play football for a living, ever body need to stay fresh and active and a very effective way to do so is to have healthy, homemade juices on a regular basis. Juices are an excellent way of adding more nutrients to your diet through fresh fruits and vegetables which are not so appealing to consume otherwise. If you’re into juicing, you must have come across the hype created by the new cold press juicers in the market. The manufacturers of the cold press juicers claim that this device makes the most nutritious and freshest juices as compared to all other appliances. If you are considering it to be a marketing strategy, it is not since there are studies to show that cold pressed juice is highly beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits offered by cold pressed juices:

Most of the nutrients are preserved:

This is a juicing technique which is created to produce a juice drink with the maximum possible nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables. Since it rotates the auger at a slow speed to extract the juice, minimum heat is created in the process to make sure that none of the nutrients are lost because of the heat.

Extracts more juice:

The two stage juicing process that these juicers use make sure that most if not all of the juice is extracted from the fruits leaving behind only the dry part of the juice or its pulp. To prove that these juicers extract more juice you can compare the pulp of the cold press juicers with the other juicers and see for yourself which is drier. The leafy greens also work better with cold press juicers since these juicers extract a much greater amount of juice with them as compared to the traditional juicers.


Since these new juicers use a slow technique to extract the juice, they will keep most of the fresh taste of the fruits and vegetables intact in the drink. You will have to take a sip of a cold press juice to really feel the difference. Also these juices are exposed to minimum light and air while juicing so that the oxidation process is much slower than with other juices. A slower oxidation of the drink means that it will stay fresh for longer and even if you don’t drink it right away you will be consuming a good amount of nutrients in the drink. Cold Press Juicer Buyer’s Guide can make your decision easy for purchasing any type of juicer.

Quiet operation:

Another advantage of cold press juicers is that they are very quiet as compared to the traditional juicers. Since the traditional juicers use a high speed motor to extract the juice they also produce much unwanted noise to wake up the neighbors. To extract the juice quietly without disturbing there you will need to use a cold press juicer. With a cold press juicer you have the option of juicing any time you want even if it is during the middle of the night without annoying others.